May, 2012

White Gold Ring with Rubellite


A new handmade 18 carat ring with a Rubellite. Special to wear, but also to get as a present or just to buy for yourself because you deserve it.....

Rubellite is a red to pinkish tourmaline, which is in this pure form a valuable stone and exists in a large variety of colors. Rubellite has a very beautiful ...

Tourmaline and Sapphirs


This handmade 18 carat red gold ring with a very special oval tourmaline with 2 triljant cut sapphirs is astonishing. You have to see and FEEL this ring yourself.

Red Gold Ring with Ametrine


Again a beautiful handmade 18 carat red gold ring from Luciënne Jesse and what a beauty! Is it an amethyst or a citrine? No, it's both, a Ametrine. That's the reason of the heavenly glare in many different shades.The color is purple and yellowbrown and everything in between. It's ...